History and Communication track at Lebanon Valley College

Up until 2015, Lebanon Valley College offered a History and Communication track in its Applied History Major. The following is from their website:

The History and Communication track provides the opportunity for students to engage in a comprehensive study of both history and communication, and their interconnectedness.  The program is designed to prepare students for professional research, writing and editing positions in such fields as radio, television, motion pictures, as well as print and online media, theatrical history and oral history.  Students also develop skills in verbal communication, critical thinking and problem-solving.  All students complete an internship that ideally focuses on the intersection of history and communication.

 Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Arts with a major in Applied History


Required courses:
ENG 130 Introduction to Media in the Digital Age
ENG 231 Journalism and News Reporting
ENG 233 Multimedia Narratives
ENG 330 Advanced Journalistic Writing
ENG 331 Persuasive Writing
ENG 335 Editing

ENG 430 Multimedia Feature Writing
HIS 150 The Business of History
HIS 250 The Historian’s Craft
HIS 350 Introduction to Public History
HIS 460 Undergraduate Research
HIS 499 Senior Seminar in History Three from the following:
HIS 103 The Ancient World: the Dawn of Civilization to the Fall of the Han and Roman Empires
HIS 104 The Second Age of Empires: World History from the Fall of Rome to the Mongol Invasions
HIS 105 Formation of the Modern World
HIS 125 United States History to 1865
HIS 126 United States History since 1865 Three from the following:
HIS 251 Topics in Political History
HIS 252 Topics in Economic History
HIS 253 Topics in Comparative History
HIS 254 Topics in the History of the Americas Three from the following (applicable DCOM courses may be approved by the advisor):
ART 260 The Photograph
ART 370 Museology
BUS 285 Organizational Communications
DCOM 130 Principles of Information Design

Internship (Minimum of 2 credits):

HIS 400 Internship

Two HIS electives (6 credits).

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