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Meet some of the people involved with launching the History Communication Institute and building the emerging field of History Communication.

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Adrienne Brown: Research Assistant at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society at LMU Munich.

Bram de Ridder (@bramderidder89): Founder of the Corvus Historical Consultancy in Belgium and researcher in applied history at KU Leuven.

Casey Donahue: Edwin Beinecke Jr. Scholar, Masters in History and Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Casey Wooster (@cawoost): Collections assistant at the Governor’s House Library, St. Augustine, Florida.

Charlotte Lerg (@CharlotteLerg): Historian at the Amerika-Institut at LMU Munich, author of University Diplomacy: Science and Prestige in Transatlantic Relations 1890–1920.

Cindy Olnick: Owner, Cindy Olnick Communications, and host of the “Save As: NextGen Heritage Conservation” podcast.

Daniel Morris: PhD candidate at Liberty University and high school teacher in Southampton County, VA.

Eric Morse: Marketing and Sales Manager, American Association for State and Local History.

Ernesto Capello: Professor of History and Latin American Studies, Macalester College.

Elizabeth Meads: Collections Archivist, Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Jason Steinhauer (@JasonSteinhauer): Global Fellow at The Wilson Center, author of History, Disrupted: How Social Media & the World Wide Web Have Changed the Past.

Jan-Christian Wilkening: Research Assistant, Kiel University in Germany.

Jessica Pearson (@PearsonJessL): Associate Professor of History at Macalester College, scholar of decolonization, France and global health.

Johanna Porr Yaun: Orange County (NY) College historian and instructor of Historic Preservation, SUNY Westchester.

Kate Doak Keszler: Social Media Manager for Made By Us.

Kathleen Sykes: Writer, content marketer, social media strategist and newsletter writer at Utah Today’s Deseret News.

Kevin Richardson: Senior Fellow, Halt the Harm Network, independent consultant and climate advocate.

Lauren Rever: PhD candidate at Heidelberg University in Germany.

Lindsay Alissa King (@lindsayaking): Nonprofit development and digital engagement professional.

Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff (@lempika7): Writer, communications consultant, scholar of sports and international diplomacy.

LK Bertram: Associate Professor of History, University of Toronto.

Martha Owen: Heritage Collection Manager, Nappanee Public Library, and host of the Evie’s History Bytes podcast.

Megan Ockerman: Assistant Director of the Olympia Tumwater Foundation.

Michael Stamm: Professor of political and cultural history at Michigan State University, specializing in media and journalism.

Nathan Lachenmyer: Co-founder at Sitara Systems.

Nobuko Miyairi: Scholarly communications consultant, Tokyo, Japan.

Owen Rees (@reeshistory): Lecturer in Ancient History and founder of Bad Ancient, fact-checking claims about the ancient world.

Sadiya Akasha: Co-Founder & Director of Product Development at Sitara Systems.

Stephanie Fuglaar Statz: Senior Historian at History Associates Inc. and public historian.

Stephen Sorensen (@CtruthToday): Educator, content creator, history communicator and publisher of Ctruth blog.

Torri Yates-Orr (@TorriYatesOrr): Emmy-Nominated Host/Producer. History Communicator on Instagram and YouTube.

Whitney J. Peterson: Program Manager, CyArk.

Unfinished works to strengthen civic life in the digital age.
Corvus is a strategic consultancy that tackles 21st century problems using insights from history.
All Tech Is Human is works to co-create a better tech future.