Future library

Envisioning new directions and new approaches to communicating and educating about history requires all of us.

The History Communication Institute works with journalists, filmmakers, media, government, embassies, tech, museums, libraries, archives, universities and corporations to leverage new and existing technologies and reimagine how we communicate about the past.

Examples of what we do:

  • Collaborate with experience designers to integrate history and historians into future-focused simulations inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Collaborate with non-profits and educators to re-imagine history communication in the classroom and build sustainable teaching practices that leverage technology, media literacy and historical literacy;
  • Work with universities to re-imagine how they communicate their expertise, including the re-design of faculty web pages and pitching subject matter knowledge to media and journalists.

Communicating about the past accurately and ethically in a 21st-century media environment can be a tremendous challenge. Work with us, and let’s build a future of history together.

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