All grants and fellowships are distributed in $JASON coin.

What is $JASON coin?

$JASON coin is a cryptocurrency.

How do I access $JASON coin?

$JASON coin is available at Rally.io.

How do I create a Rally account?

Visit rally.io/signup to set up an account. Rally accounts are free to create.

How do Fellows receive funds?

Fellows will be sent $JASON coin via the Rally network. Fellows must have a Rally account to receive the funds.

What will be the equivalent in US Dollars?

The USD equivalent of $JASON coin is automatically determined by an algorithm.

Does that mean the USD value of the Fellowship could change?


Will the price go up?

We cannot predict what the future price of $JASON coin will be. It may go up, it may go down, or it may stay consistent.

Will the price go down?

We cannot predict what the future price of $JASON coin will be. It may go up, it may go down, or it may stay consistent.

What can I do with my Fellowship money?

That is your decision. You can keep the funds on the Rally network or you can cash them out.

What are the benefits of holding $JASON coin on the Rally network?

Holding $JASON coin connects you to other Rally users from around the world. It contributes to a new, independent micro-economy for history. It allows you to send coins to other Rally users in exchange for goods or services. It also makes you eligible for weekly rewards.

How do I cash out my $JASON coin?

Read this Wiki for cash-out instructions.

Are there fees to cash out my $JASON coin?

Yes. Fees vary. Read this Wiki and this Wiki for more information on how fees are determined.

If I cash out my $JASON coin, will I pay taxes on it?

In the United States, the sale of virtual currency is considered a capital gain (or loss). See the IRS FAQs on virtual currencies for more information or speak with your accountant / tax professional.

How can $JASON coin be purchased?

Create a free Rally account and purchase $JASON coin with a credit or debit card. You can also use a Coinbase account.

Are there other ways to acquire $JASON coin?

You can bridge in to Rally with other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Rally users can also send $JASON coin to each other.

Are purchases of $JASON coin tax-deductible?


Can the purchase of $JASON coin be considered a business expense?

If you wish to claim the purchase of $JASON coin as a legitimate business expense, please discuss with your accountant or tax professional.

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