History Communication in the 21st Century – University of Massachusetts Amherst event

In March 2016, historians, journalists, science communicators and activists took part in a series of ten-minute dialogues on history communication: past, present and future. Watch the conversations below!


  • Jim Grossman, Executive Director, American Historical Association
  • Rebecca Onion, History writer, Slate.com
  • Nicole Hemmer, Assistant Professor at the Miller Center of Public Affairs
  • Jamia Wilson, Executive Director, Women, Action & the Media
  • Shola Lynch, documentary filmmaker
  • Lily Rothman, Editor, TIME.com/history
  • Cathy Stanton, Senior Lecturer, Tufts University
  • Stephen Robertson, Professor and Director, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media, George Mason University
  • Amanda Moniz, Assistant Director, National History Center
  • Julio Capo, Assistant Professor of History, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Eric Schulze, Science Communicator
  • Kathryn Cramer Brownell, Assistant Professor of History, Purdue University
  • Ed Ayers, President Emeritus, University of Richmond
  • Julie Golia, Director of Public History, Brooklyn Historical Society

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